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Unit 1 第一课时


1.Nobody knows exactly the ________ (起源) of the earth. 2.He ________ (欺骗) the girl and took away all her money. 3.He ________ (获得) full marks in the examination. 4.The street cleaner is ________ (收集) rubbish in the rain. 5.The winner was ________ (授予) a gold medal. 6.She ________ (欣赏) your works very much.

7.The homeless children were ________ (渴望) for safety and love. 8.The story of his miseries is beyond my ________ (信任). 9.On my ________ (到达) at the hotel, he gave me a sweet kiss.

10.You see, the ________ (精力充沛的) young man plays basketball day and night.

答案:1.origins 2.tricked 3.gained 4.gathering 5.awarded 6.admires 7.starving 8.belief 9.arrival 10.energetic


1.The sports meeting __________________ (举行) next week. 2.Millions of people __________________ (饿死) during the war. 3.The monument was built __________________ (纪念) the little hero. 4.There is no need ____________________ (化妆)—come as you are. 5.We all __________________ (对她表示钦佩) what she had done.

6.She __________________ (一直盼望) having a chance to pay a visit to Zhangjiajie. 7.We've missed the bus. __________________ (看来好像) we'll have to take a taxi. 8.These children loved __________________ (捉弄) their teacher. 9.I __________________ (结识了很多朋友) since I arrived.

10.You'll be sure __________________ (玩得开心) at the party tonight. 答案:1.will take place 2.starved/were starved to death

3.in memory of 4.to dress up 5.admired her for 6.has been looking forward to 7.It looks as though/if 8.playing tricks on 9.have gained a lot of friends 10.to have fun


1.(2014·安徽蚌埠二中高一下学期期中)Great changes ________ in the small city in the last 20 years.

A.have taken place

B.took place

C.had taken place D.are happening

答案:A 句意:在过去的20年里这座小城市发生了很大的变化。in the last 20 years“在过去的20年里”,通常与现在完成时连用。

2.(2014·湖北部分重点中学高一下期中)They set up a monument ________ the soldiers who died in World War Ⅱ.

A.in need of C.in search of

B.in danger of D.in memory of

答案:D 句意:他们建起了一座纪念碑来纪念在二战中牺牲的战士们。in need of“需要”;in danger of“处于??的危险中”;in search of“寻找”;in memory of“为了纪念??”。

3.(2014·安徽泗县双语中学高一下月考)The naughty boys would play ________ trick on ________ neighbours who didn't give them any sweets on Halloween.

A.a; / C.the; /

B.a; the D./; the

答案:B 句意:这些淘气的男孩常常捉弄在万圣节不给他们任何糖果的邻居们。play a trick on捉弄;第二空特指“不给他们糖果的邻居”,故填the。

4.(2014·北京重点中学高一下学期3月月考)With nothing on, the Emperor walked in the parade, thinking he ________ the most beautiful clothes in the world.

A.was dressed himself C.was dressed in

B.dressed D.was dressed

答案:C 句意:这位国王走在游行队伍中,什么也没穿,却认为自己穿着世界上最美丽的衣服。be dressed in穿着??。

5.(2014·福建罗源一中高一3月月考)Li Ming speaks English well ________ he were an English boy.

A.so that C.as though

B.even though D.now that

答案:C 句意:李明英语说得很好,好像他是个英国男孩。so that“结果,为了”;even though“即使”;as though“好像”;now that“既然”。

6.(2014·福建三明一中高一下月考)She was ________ the Nobel Prize for her contribution in medicine.

A.awarded C.regarded

B.recognized D.rewarded

答案:A 句意:因为她在医药方面的贡献,她被授予诺贝尔奖。award指为鼓励某人在工作中达到的成就而进行的一种奖励。recognize“认出”;regard“看作”;reward“回报”。

7.(2014·福建四地六校高一下月考)The days we have been looking forward to ________ soon.

A.coming C.come

B.will come D.have come

答案:B 句意:我们一直盼望的日子很快就要来了。句子的主语是the days;根据句意可知,应用一般将来时态。

8.(2014·福建四地六校高一下月考)________ it is to have a chance to experience life in space!

A.What a fun C.How fun

B.What fun D.What funny

答案:B 句意:有机会体验太空中的生活是多么有趣!fun是不可数名词,故排除A项;what修饰名词,how修饰形容词/副词,故排除C、D项。

9.To my surprise, the mayor of the American city is Chinese by ________. A.nature C.origin

B.resource D.source

答案:C 句意:让我吃惊的是,这个美国城市的市长是中国人。by origin出身。 10.Every now and then I went to the library to ________ information about the subject. A.gather C.together

B.collect D.connect

答案:B 由句意“我不时地去图书馆收集信息”可知,是指有目的、有选择性地收集,故用collect。gather“采集,聚集”;together“在一起”,为副词;connect与collect词形相近,但connect意为“连接”,与句意不符。

11.She hopes to ________ some experience by working abroad for two years. A.admire C.win

B.gain D.put

答案:B 句意:她希望通过在国外工作两年来获得一些经验。admire“欣赏”;gain“获得”;win“胜利”;put“放”。

12.We should follow the ________ in a foreign country we are visiting. A.habits C.tradition

B.customs D.practice

答案:B 句意:我们应该遵守我们正在参观的国家的风俗。habit指个人习惯;custom指社会或团体的共有的风俗、习俗及个人的习惯;tradition指传统;practice指惯例。由句意可知选B项。

13.Many people ________ death in the earthquake as a result of the delay of the supplies.

A.were starved to C.were starved

B.starved to D.both A and B

答案:D 句意:由于供应不及时,许多人在地震中饿死了。starve表示“饿死”并与death连用时,须与介词to连用。

14.If you are selling, you have to have ________ in the products. A.belief C.view

B.word D.fun

答案:A 句意:如果你从事销售,你必须相信这些产品。have belief in“相信??”。 15.(2014·浙江省杭州地区七校高一下学期期中联考)Please don't do anything harmful________our nature, or we humans will have no________each other.

A.to; fun about C.for; fun about

B.for; fun with D.to; fun with

答案:D 句意:请不要做任何对我们的大自然有害的事情,否则,人类会自食其果。 Ⅳ.完形填空

I was the fifth of seven children and went to the same school as my three older sisters and brother. Each child went to the plant sale __1__in early May every year, just in __2__for Mothers' Day.

Third grade was the first time that I was __3__to take part in the plant sale. I wanted to __4__my mother, but I didn't have any money. My oldest sister gave me some. I made my __5__carefully at the __6__sale. I looked at each plant to make sure that I had__7__found the best geranium. Once I had brought it home, I hid it on the upstairs neighbor's porch.

On Mothers' Day, I was bursting with pride__8__I gave her that geranium. I remember how__9__her eyes were, and how delighted she was with my__10__. The year I was 15, my younger sister reached third grade. __11__my elder sister did for me,I gave her some money to buy a geranium for our mother. She arrived home full of __12__excitement. The geranium was __13__in a paper bag under her sweater. “I looked at every plant,” she__14__,“and I knew I got the best one!”

With a sweet sense of déjà vu(似曾相识), I helped my little sister hide that geranium. I was there when she gave my mother the geranium, and I __15__them both bursting __16__bright and delight. My mother noticed me watching. She gave me a soft, secret __17__. With a tug at my heart, I smiled back. I wondered how my mother could__18__to be surprised at this gift from her__19__child. But as I watched her eyes light up with delight at the __20__of the most precious gift, I knew she was not pretending.

文章大意:在母亲节来临时,你打算送什么礼物给你的母亲?本文也许能给你一些启示。 1.A.produced C.collected

B.held D.expected

答案:B 每年“举行”的植物展销会。 2.A.use C.time

答案:C 指正好在母亲节那个时间。 3.A.promised C.imagined

B.thought D.allowed B.store D.chance

答案:D 作者第一次被允许参加植物展销会。 4.A.surprise C.respect

B.love D.permit

答案:A 从第三段知是想给母亲一个惊喜。 5.A.choice C.need

B.opinion D.agreement

答案:A make one's choice意为“作出选择”。 6.A.flower C.food

B.plant D.clothes

答案:B 从上文中提到的“the plant sale”可知。 7.A.firstly C.indeed

B.finally D.excitedly

答案:C 作者仔细打量每种植物,保证“确定”选到最好的天竺葵。 8.A.before C.while

答案:D when引导时间状语从句。 9.A.bright C.disappointed

答案:A 从后面delighted可知。 10.A.success C.happiness

B.gift D.sense B.terrible D.proud B.once D.when

答案:B 指作者送给母亲的天竺葵,当然是礼物了。 11.A.If C.Though

答案:D as在此意为“正如”。 12.A.sad C.nervous

答案:C 她紧张而激动地回到家。

B.After D.As

B.unlucky D.upset