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Unit6 Racing the clock every day is such an exhausting effort that when I actually have a few free moments, I tend to collapse. Mostly I sink into a chair and stare into space while I imagine how lovely life would be if only I possessed the organizational skills and the energy of my superheroines. In fact, I waste a good deal of my spare time just worrying about what other women are accomplishing in theirs. Sometimes I think that these modern fairy tales create as many problems for women as the old stories that had us biding our time for the day our prince would come. Yet superwomen tales continue to charm me. Despite my friend's warning against being taken in, despite everything I've learned, I find that I'm not only willing, but positively eager to buy that bridge she mentioned. Why? I suppose it has something to do with the appeal of an optimistic approach to life -- and the fact that extraordinary deeds have been accomplished by determined individuals who refused to believe that \can't\was the final word on their dreams. Men have generally been assured that achieving their heart's desires would be a piece of cake. Women, of course, have always believed that we can't have our cake and eat

it too-the old low-dream diet. Perhaps becoming a superwoman is an impossible dream for me, but life without that kind of fantasy is as unappealing as a diet with no treats. 1) The young woman described to the policemen the way the man ran up to her and grabbed the bag from her hand. 2) All the people working for Sam Walton admire the way he manages Wal-Mart and the way he treats his employees. 3) The neighbors were disgusted at the way he talked to his old father. 4) It's amazing the way the eight-year-old boy managed to stay so calm when he faced the emergency. 1. You will find yourself penniless in a month. 2. He found himself lying in a hospital ward. 3. She found herself faced with the toughest job she had ever taken. 4. Susan found herself in a trap from which she could not escape. 1) Obviously what the speaker wanted to emphasize was the impact of these findings rather than the process that led to these findings. 2) It seems that he is never bothered about what people would think about his behavior. 3) The CEO never hesitates to let his employees know what

he is planning for the company. 4) The scientist will show the audience what a tele-operated robot can do for a family. 5)Despite all this she manages to get her act together. 1、She herself believed in freedom,so much so that she would rather die than live without it. 2、Assuming the proposal is accepted,where are we going to get the money? 3、Only by rewarding success can you bring out the best in your employess. 4、It’s amazing the eight-year-old boy managed to stay so calm when he faced the emergency. 5、Allen should have known better than to lend such a large sum of money to that untrustworthy cousin of his. 洗不净的浮沉,留给雨天;悟不透的凡事,交给时间。很多时候,人生的遗憾, 不是因为没有实现,而是沉于悲伤,错过了打开心结的时机。 或许,你也会有这样的情节,两个人坐在一起,杂乱无章的聊天,突然你感到无聊,你渴望安静,你想一个人咀嚼内心的悲与喜。 有人说工作忙、应酬多,哪有那么多的闲情逸致啊?记得鲁迅有句话:“时间就像海绵里的水,只要挤总是有的。” 透过窗格,发着呆,走着神,搜索不到要附和的词。那一刻,你明白了,这世间不缺一起品茗的人,缺的是一个与你同步的灵魂。 不明花语,却逢花季。一路行走,在渐行渐远的时光中,命运会给你一次次洗牌,但玩牌的始终是你自己。 没有了期望的懂,还是把故事留给自己吧!每个人都是一座孤岛,颠沛流离,浪迹天涯。有时候,你以为找到了知己, 坦白的说,我们遇到困扰,经常会放大自己的苦,虐待自己,然后落个遍体鳞伤,可怜兮兮地向世界宣告:自己没救了!清流,逼着每个人优秀。 可是,那又怎样?因为,大多数人关心的都是自己。 人过四十,已然不惑。我们听过别人的歌,也唱过自己的曲,但谁也逃不过岁月的审视,逃不过现实的残酷。如若,把心中的杂念抛开,苟且的日子里,其实也能无比诗意。 因为,更多的时候,诉说毫无意义。 个的困扰。 于经过一番努力后,重新认识自己,改变自己。学会了独自、沉默,不轻易诉说。饰,掩饰自己内心的某些真实,也在真实中,扬起无懈可击的微笑,解决一个又一 一个人在成年后,最畅快的事,莫过 因为防备,因为经历,我们学会了掩就是在落红中重生;人,只有在落魄的时候,才明白力量就是在破土中崛起?. 花,只有在凋零的时候,才懂得永恒其实,你们根本就是两个世界的人。 奔波在俗世里,不知从何时起,飘来一股 借一些时光,寻一处宁静,听听花开,看看花落,翻一本爱读的书,悟一段哲人曾经。每个人都要追寻活下去的理由,心的赠言,原来,日升月落,一切还是那么 怀美好,期待美好,这个世界,就没有那美。 么糟糕。 望别人太多。 妄的世界,不要对曾经存在假设,不要指 伤心也好,开心也好,过去了,都是 人生最容易犯的一个错误,就是把逝 去的当作最美的风景。所以,不要活在虚

有些情,只可随缘,不可勉强;有些人,只可浅交,不可入深;有些话,只可会意,不可说穿。 或许,有这么一段情,陪你度过漫长冰冷的寒冬;有那样一个人,给你抑郁的天空画上了温暖的春阳。 但时光,总会吹散很多往事,把过去一片片分割,移植到不同区域,并贴上标签,印着不同的定义,也定义着自己的人生态度。 正如庄子所说:“唯至人乃能游于世不避,顺人而不失己。”外在的世界,只是一个形式,而你内在的世界,才是真正的江山。 丰富自己,取悦自己,随缘,随顺,随境,你的心才会敞开,才会接纳更多的有可能。这样的人生,眼睛里的笑意,尽是踏实与真味。 年少时,那些说给蓝天白云的梦想,早已遗忘在风中,再也飞不到岁月的枝头。褪去稚气与懵懂,我更喜欢现在的自己,心里撑着宽阔,却不动声色。 \\ 即便,一份静谧的从容是多么的难, 但我依旧期待。我相信,人生还会很长, 还会一直邂逅,但最美的,必是那个明天的自己。