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20. If you have ___________ questions, please write them on a slip of paper. A. some B. any C. few D. little

21. We adopted the new methods with a view to ____ our efficiency.

A. raise B. raising C. rise D. rising

22. We must study English well, no matter ____ difficult it is.

A. what B. however C. how D. that

23. It was ___________ who cleaned the room.

A. I B. me C. mine D. my

24. Yesterday when I was walking on the street, I ____ to see an old friend of mine.

A. managed B. happened C. settled D. occurred

25. You can stay in my room ____ you promise not to use the computer.

A. so far as B. except C. unless D. provided

Unit 4

1. If you have any trouble, you can turn ____ him for help.

A. for B. at C. to D. in

2. It took me a year to be ____ to the college life.

A. adapted B. adopted C. received D. accepted

3. I really can’t figure ____ who the person that phoned me just now was.

A. out B. from C. at D. out of

4. ____ they change the coach they will lose the match.

A. Until B. Before C. Unless D. Although

5. Please remember to keep in ____ with me through e-mail when you are abroad.

A. touch B. trouble C. promise D. approval

6. The temperature in the room is ___________ .

A. hot B. high C. below D. middle

7. My parents ___________ me to become a doctor. A. advise B. hope C. consider D. think

8. How long does it ________ to travel from Xi’an to Guilin? A. use B. cost C. spend D. take

- 6 -

9. Would you __________ holding this box for me while I open the door?

A. like B. matter C. please D. mind

10. It is quite natural for a new-comer to ____in such a big city as Shanghai.

A. get lost B. lost way C. lose home D. miss home

11. The librarian is arranging the books, which are not in their proper ____.

A. line B. turn C. row D. order

12. The old man went ____ after the death of his wife.

A. mad B. dead C. bad D. angry

13. It’s almost ____ that Mr. Barry will win the next election.

A. certain B. sure C. certainly D. surely

14. Hurry up, or we will ____ the 18:30 train for Guilin.

A. lose B. miss C. fail D. fall

15. I ran the doorbell several times, but no one came to ____ the door.

A. answer B. reply C. reply to D. open up

16. Visitors are not ____ to visit patients after the hospital visiting hours. A. allowed B. received C. agreed D. accepted

17. The weather forecast was good so it should ____ fine after all.

A. turn into B. turn out C. turn over D. turn up

18. A camel _______ $ 400 to buy and $ 3 a day to feed. A. spends B. costs C. affords D. pays

19. A penny saved is a penny _______ . A. lost B. won C. left D. gained

20. If the flood doesn’t stop, great _______ will be done to those houses. A. wounds B. hurt C. damage D. injuries

21. We are ______ him to arrive at any moment. A. waiting B. hoping C. expecting D. thinking

22. These two words are very _______ in meaning to each other. A. close B. next C .narrow D. near

23. Your story _______ too good to be true. Few people believe it. A. heats B. listens C. sounds

- 7 -

D. looks

24.The little girl is said to have a good musical ________ . A. feeling B. mind C. hearing D. sense

25. The music was very noisy. I couldn’t ______ it. A. carry B. suffer C. bear D. support

Unit 5

1. As time went on, some products of poor quality were _______ out of the market. A. let B. lost C. dropped D. driven

2. Our classroom is _______ with ten electric lights. A. given B. supplied C. offered D. combined

3. When you tell him to do something, he always does _______. A. the wrong B. the opposite C. opposite D. bad

4. In the _______ of the disease, he followed the professor’s advice.

A. treatment B. service C. field D. way

5. I did try my best, but I didn't have a(n) _______ of winning.

A. luck B. chance C. condition D. event

6. It seems that the hat fits you very well. Please _________ .

A. try it on B. try on it C. to try it on D. to try on it

7. I have _________ the new words, but still don't understand the sentence.

A. looked for B. looked up C. looked D. looked at

8. It's not a good present for Mother. Let's _________ something better.

A. search B. find out C. look D. look for

9. When the picture was _________, we put up a photo on the wall.

A. taken down B. put down C. taken away D. put off

10. Do your best and I'm sure you will _________ your classmates.

A. keep back B. keep C. keep up with D. keep up

11. You must _________attention _________your spelling.

A. give.., on B. pay.., with C. pay.., to D. give...in

12. They _________for London early the next morning.

A. went out B. left out C. set out D. got out

- 8 -

13. Nothing can make him _________ his research work.

A. give in B. give to C. give up D. give away

14. When the teacher _________ , all the students were seated.

A. came into B. came in C. got out D. got out of

15. Are you busy _________your final exam?

A. to prepare for B. to prepare C. preparing for D. preparing about

16. Chinese history _________ him.

A. interests with B. is interested in C. is interesting in D. interests

17. The soldier came _________three days after he was wounded.

A. back to life B. back to his life C. back to live D. to live

18. I'i1_________at the next stop.

A. get off B. get in C. get to D. get up

19. The wine is _________ grapes.

A. made in B. made of C. made from D. made by

20. Jack was _________after he had stayed in prison for two years.

A. set out B. set free C. set off D. set up

21. Does he _________English?

A. say B. talk C. tell D. speak

22. The crops were badly _________ by the flood.

A. injured B. damaged C. harmed D. destroyed

23. Look, the children are playing. Let's go and _________them.

A. take part in B. attend C. join D. enter for

24. When I got to the cinema, I found I had _________ my ticket at home.

A. left B. forgot C. put D. lost

25. It will take seven days for the package to _________ Beijing.

A. get B. arrive C. reach D. go

Unit 6

1. Columbus_________ America in 1492.

A. found B. discovered C. looked for D. founded

2. Alice and Linda _________ take the same bus to school this morning.

- 9 -

A. took place to B. happened C. happened to D. met to

3. It will _________ long to get everything ready.

A. spend B. takes C. take D. cost

4. The palaces _________ beautiful and magnificent.

A. see B. look C. watch D. find

5. If the temperature _________, water will _________ steam.

A. is raised … ,be turned B. is risen ...,be turned into

C. rises …, turn into D. raises …, turn into

6. The mistake will _________you in a great deal of trouble.

A. engage B. include C. involve D. draw

7. Please don't hesitate to _________us if additional information is required.

A. connect B. conduct C. confirm D. contact

8. The teachers _________the students against being careless.

A. prevent B. protect C. warn D. ask

9. It _________ whether you want to do it or not.

A. depends on B. depends about C. depends in D. depends to

10. 56_________8 is 7.

A. divides by B. divided into C. divided by D. is divided by

11. More and more trucks are used by farmers to _________ fruits to cities.

A. carry B. fetch C. bring D. get

12. Several old houses are being _________to make way for the new highway.

A. pulled up B. pulled down C. pulled on D. pulled out

13. The clock _________ and we realized it was two o'clock.

A. hit B. beat C. struck D. shot

14. Smoking _________ great harm to health.

A. gives B. makes C. does D. takes

15. Our new neighbor _________ us to have the same kind of furniture as they have.

A. suggested B. persuaded C. made D. allowed

16. I am so familiar with her that I can _________ her voice on the phone.

- 10 -